The Diabetex Program – Designed with Your Needs in Mind

Poorly managed diabetes exposes you to an increased risk of nutritional deficiencies and risk factors for heart disease, eye damage (retinopathy), and nerve damage (neuropathy). The professionals behind Diabetex understand these risks and created a 4-step program to make it easier for you to stay healthy and happy when living with diabetes.

After looking at what was missing in a lot of treatment plans for diabetes, we formulated products that work alongside healthy lifestyle and dietary choices to offer you basic support, improved symptom control, and the opportunity to feel better about your prognosis.

A Strong Foundation is essential for managing diabetes.

STEP 1: A Strong Foundation

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Diabetes affects millions of people worldwide and is largely a disease of diet and lifestyle, meaning that any good plan to manage diabetes effectively starts with a strong foundation including:

  1. Weight management
  2. Nutrition
  3. Physical activity
  4. Stress management.

Unfortunately, the extra demands made on the body by diabetes can mean that even the best foundation can leave you vulnerable to nutritional deficiencies. To further reduce risk factors for diabetes progression and complications the Diabetex 4-step program incorporates carefully selected natural health products.

STEP 2: Start With Diabetex Multi Vitamin

Diabetex Multi Vitamin ENG

Diabetex Multi Vitamin provides comprehensive nutritional support for healthy glycemic control and metabolism. Key nutrients such as chromium, magnesium, and vitamin D, and other nutrients such as vitamin B12 are included as these may be compromised in those with diabetes. This foundational supplement replenishes depleted nutrients, reduces oxidative stress, and supports metabolism and immunity.


STEP 3: Diabetex PGX

Diabetex PGX ENG

Typically building on the foundational supplements after 2-3 months, Diabetex PGX offers an extra level of support for diabetes management. PGX may be included in the foundational program if blood sugar control is erratic, lipid levels are high, and significant weight loss is advised at the outset.

This viscous fibre supplement supports appetite control and blood glucose regulation and is indicated where diabetes management remains difficult even with the use of the foundational supplements.

STEP 4: Diabetex Eye Care

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Step 4 of the Diabetex program is intended for those whose HbA1C is greater than 6.5%, and/or where risk factors for diabetes complications are high. Providing a range of nutrients, Diabetex Eye Care  addresses specific concerns in diabetes care:  diabetic retinopathy and cataracts that are adversely affected by blood glucose management.

As you no doubt already realize, many things can affect your ability to successfully manage, or prevent, diabetes. It is normal to feel overwhelmed and confused following your diagnosis, which is why the Diabetex program and product line is designed to give you the support you need to manage diabetes and empower you to take back control of your health and happiness.